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Paul & Sandra Beazley

Paul was raised on a farm just outside of Wainwright, Alberta. Although Paul had a Christian upbringing, he chose to follow his own path in his late teens. He met and married Sandra in his early twenties.


Sandra was raised on the Canadian Forces Base in Wainwright, Alberta. She married Paul at the age of 17. As a member of the Beazley family, Sandra attended the Evangelical Free Church in Wainwright and, at the age of 19, Sandra became a believer in Christ.


Paul and Sandra were married in 1970 and have been blessed with four children and 12 grandchildren. From the time they were married until 33 years later, Paul and Sandra experienced many hills and valleys in their relationship. They both realize today that it was only by the grace of God that their marriage stayed intact.

In November of 2003, Paul rededicated his life to Christ. With renewed faith and a passion to share God’s grace with others, a search for Bible study materials led them to GoodSeed in the form of “The Stranger on the Road to Emmaus.”


Paul works in the area of marketing and promotion. This includes working with an event planning team, presently focusing on Western Canada. Paul and Sandra’s involvement in one-on-one and small group studies in their community is a passion for both of them.


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David & Salima Cross

It could only be described as a God-thing.


Dave was raised in a Christian home in western Canada and came to know Christ as a young boy. After graduating from Bible College, he was involved in a variety of ministries before joining NTM where he helped launch Interface (ITF)—a five week, cross-cultural missions course located in Papua New Guinea (PNG).


Sally came from a very different environment: She grew up in a devout Muslim home in Guyana, South America. At the age of 15, she placed her faith in Christ after reading through the Bible on her own. Two years later, she immigrated to California. After Sally became a Christian, her life-long interest in tribal people took on a new dimension. Not sure how to proceed, she began nurse's training and became actively involved in ministry in Mexico and to the homeless in Los Angeles. Then, in 1990 she was a participant in NTM's ITF program.


It was there that God brought Dave and Sally's lives together half a world away from their roots. They were married the following year and subsequently returned to PNG where they served with the ITF program until 2007.


For many years, Dave's primary responsibilities included curriculum development and Bible teaching. For much of this time, he used “The Stranger on the Road to Emmaus” book as a study guide to help ensure that ITF students not only had a clear, foundational understanding of the gospel for themselves but that they also had a valuable tool to help reach the needy world of the postmodern generation.


One of Sally’s roles required multitasking as she headed up ITF’s food services, providing oversight to teams of hospitality volunteers and village ladies as they prepared meals for up to 160 hungry mouths. Assisting our National village neighbours with their medical needs was another avenue for her to learn about their daily life, language and culture.


Since joining the GoodSeed team in 2008, Dave and Sally continue to have a burden for the unreached people groups of the world. Dave's primary responsibility continues to be in curriculum development, both as a writer and editor. As the occasion provides, he enjoys teaching seminars—helping train and equip believers to become more effective in sharing the gospel in today's world.


Sally’s role includes that of managing the warehouse for the Canadian office and forecasting both our domestic and global inventories. She also helps provide food services as required by our seminars.

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John & Janice Cross

Born and raised in Western Canada, John grew up in a home where the Bible was part of daily conversation. As a young man he dedicated his life to the Lord and sought training with New Tribes Mission. While in mission’s training in Ontario, he met his wife, Janice, who was also from a solid Christian background.


Together they prepared themselves for working overseas. Upon completing four years of training, John taught Bible-Missions in the NTM Candidate School. Subsequently they were instrumental in starting the NTM short-term program and over the next 20 years saw 5000 short-termers serve overseas. In 1996 John took the years of experience gained in NTM and wrote a book for those who know little or nothing about the Bible. Called “The Stranger on the Road to Emmaus” this book and its derivatives snowballed into a ministry of its own.


John and Janice have travelled extensively and lived abroad in several countries, including ten years in Papua New Guinea. John has written and directed a number of award-winning videos, the best known being “EE-TAOW!” They have two adult children and three grandchildren. John is a Bible teacher and an author for GoodSeed. Janice works in proofreading and hospitality.


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Allan & Judith Ellingsgaard

Allan was raised in the Faroe Islands, a small country in the North Atlantic. His parents became Christians after the death of his younger brother and Allan came to faith shortly afterwards. Allan has always had an interest in music and desires to use this to serve God.


While Allan was being beaten up by those bitter northern winds, Judith was looking for a cool shade in a small village in northern Thailand. Her parents, from Northern Ireland, were missionaries in Thailand with a passion of reaching the unreached with the Gospel. Judith shares their passion.


Allan and Judith met at New Tribes Bible College in England. This was where they were first introduced to the idea of teaching the Bible chronologically. Even though they both were saved at a young age, they had not seen the simplicity of the Gospel so clearly before.


Although their early life experiences might have been very different, Allan and Judith share the same goals in life. They have both been convicted of the need to spread the Gospel and believe it is important to do so in a clear, yet simple way. They believe that God has guided them to step out into full-time service with GoodSeed.


Allan & Judith moved from Northern Ireland to the Canadian office in September 2008. They have three sons: Benjamin (born in 2004), James (born in 2006) and Micah (born in 2010). Allan directs the audio department for GoodSeed. His main duties are recording music and audio books and writing music to enhance the teaching materials that GoodSeed produces. Judith has her hands full looking after the boys.

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Lane & Sheri Elliott

Lane came to faith in Christ right after high school graduation at the age of 18.  After working for a semester he went off to Bible school and worked at various Christian camps during the summers.


Sheri was raised in a Christian home and asked the Lord into her heart at an early age.  She also attended Bible school after high school and worked at a Christian camp in the Sundre area.


Lane and Sheri were married in 1996 after having met in high school and later having attended the same Bible school in Saskatchewan.  After working in Lethbridge, Alberta for a year or so, they headed off to Camp Caroline – a Baptist church camp where they served for 8 years.  During these 8 years their first 3 children were born (Alexis, Jemma and Noah).  It was also during these years that they sensed the call of the Lord into foreign missions and set off for Paraguay in 2006 where they served till 2008.  Then in 2009 they moved to Mexico and served there till 2015.  Their ministry focus was reaching out through the local church which included starting a soup kitchen in a shanty town, starting a youth drop-in centre in their church, evangelism at a local university and evangelism to migrant workers from Southern Mexico in the local vineyards.  During their time in Mexico (2013), they adopted twin boys from Haiti, Jackson and Judeson.


Lane became familiar with GoodSeed while in Mexico as he led the Mexican youth group through "The Stranger on the Road to Emmaus" in Spanish.  Lane and Sheri and their 5 children are excited to join GoodSeed and look forward to what the Lord has in store!

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Steve Helwig

Growing up in a Christian family and a church which taught the Gospel gave Steve the knowledge that he was separated from God on account of his sin and needed the Saviour. Though he believed in Christ at a young age, he drifted away from a clear understanding of the Gospel and increasingly believed that God wasn’t fully satisfied alone with Christ’s work done on Steve’s behalf. He began to go down a slippery slope of trying to be good enough to earn God’s acceptance.


After going through a dark period in his early twenties, he was taught again of the marvelous grace of God which he once believed as a child. God used a few missionary students in this process of growing in a clear understanding of salvation which convinced Steve to start missionary training himself.


He served on the field of Senegal, West Africa for six years before joining the “GoodSeed International” team. Needless to say, Steve is excited to be a part of a team committed to providing tools to clearly explain the Gospel message and equipping believers how to effectively use them.

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Michelle Hiebert

Born in Calgary and raised in the open expanse of the Alberta prairies, Michelle is blessed to have grown up in a solid Christian family, enjoying the adventure of having six siblings. This adventure continues as she is privileged to live at home on the family acreage.


Michelle heard the gospel from an early age, although she struggled to come to a personal understanding for years. Finally, at the age of 14, she was able to connect the dots between Jesus’ historical sacrifice and her own sinfulness and she put her trust in Jesus for salvation.


The gospel has become more precious to Michelle over the years. She and her family have faced a number of frontal attacks on the clarity of the gospel, and have gained a deep appreciation of chronological Creation-to-Christ resources as a result.


In 2013, while Michelle was attending Bible college in the States, her family helped host a TERM seminar in their community. On one of her breaks, Michelle was also able to attend TERM. She loved both the immersion into the gospel and the tools and simplicity of the GoodSeed evangelistic approach. After another year in the States working at a Christian ministry, she returned home and the family relocated to within 15 miles of the GoodSeed international office. After prayer and discussion with GoodSeed leadership, it became apparent that the best place for Michelle to give of her time and talents was at GoodSeed.


Thrilled to be able to work day in and day out in an environment centred on the gospel, Michelle’s main role at GoodSeed is that of staff writer, but she also wears the hats of proofreader and desktop publisher—or whatever else the day may bring.


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Troy & Naomi Johnstone

Troy was raised in a Christian home in the small town of Sackville, New Brunswick. He understood his need for salvation at a young age and grew up involved in his home church of Main Street Baptist Church. After completing university and several years in the secular work environment, Troy sought out biblical training at Word of Life Bible Institute in New York.


Naomi grew up as a missionary kid. She also trusted Jesus as her Saviour and desired to walk with Him from a young age. Her parents worked with NTM and much of her youth was spent in Papua New Guinea, so Naomi desired to enter full-time ministry from a young age. After high school, Naomi also attended Word of Life Bible Institute, where she and Troy met.


Right after their honeymoon, the Johnstones jumped into full-time ministry, helping Word of Life start up a Bible Institute satellite in Ontario. After five years there, they began to see that the Lord was guiding them to make a ministry change where their God-given talents and skills could most effectively be used in ministry with GoodSeed.


When it comes to missionary work, the Johnstones have realized the need to be flexible and help out in many areas beyond their assigned roles. Troy's formal responsibilities currently include video production, IT help, teaching at seminars, sitting on numerous committees and on the Boards for GoodSeed UK & Europe. Naomi is the Hospitality and Social Coordinator for our Canadian ministry, Proofreading Coordinator and a writer, when she's not busy being mom to their two daughters and son.


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Amos & Jen Kwok

Amos and Jen Kwok are from Singapore. Although Amos attended a Christian school, he didn't understand the gospel until he was given a copy of Firm Foundations when he was 17. He was then able to put his trust in Jesus for his salvation.


Jen was a believer from a young age and since she was 14, her family had been having missionaries over to her home for meals. One of them was John Cross. She went on to be trained by John and took part in an NTM SUMMIT short-term mission trip to Thailand.


While Amos and Jen had met in kindergarten when they were five, they only reconnected at 17. When GoodSeed first published The Stranger on the Road to Emmaus, both of them started to use it to teach their small groups.


After they were married, they were moved by the love of God to spend their time in different ministries in their home church. They spent many years teaching Sunday School and training leaders in the Youth Ministry. They wrote curriculum and led children on short mission trips to Thailand and Indonesia. But what they really wanted to do was to go into full-time ministry and in 2011, God started opening the doors and a conversation with GoodSeed eventually led them to join as full-time staff members.


Along with their three sons, Ryan, Dylan and Aidan, they arrived in May 2012 to join the creative department where they are helping to develop new tools that explain the gospel. They also help in marketing, managing the website and online store as well as managing the social media channels for GoodSeed.

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Alain Parent & Brigitte Bisson

Alain was born and raised in Gatineau, QC, into a Christian family. His convictions became more solid when he met his future wife at the age of 26. He is still amazed and forever grateful to have been so blessed by God in that, although he was being disobedient by dating a non-Christian, God’s grace overflowed towards him. God saved Brigitte, reaffirmed Alain’s faith and gave him a family of his own. Alain’s prayer is that God might save his son also and that He might help him every day to be the man of God, husband and father He wants him to be.


Brigitte was also born and raised in Gatineau, QC. She had a happy childhood. While a teenager, she started questioning herself about spiritual things. She was a devout Catholic and an active member of a group for young adults in the church. However, salvation and man’s sinful state were never mentioned. Through those years of questioning, Brigitte could never find satisfaction in the answers she was given. Some years later, her sister told her there was someone at her work who she wanted her to meet. She told her that this man was also a churchgoer.


And that’s how, at 27 years of age, Brigitte met her future husband. The Lord really spoke to her heart through the life testimony of Alain and his family. God gave her a gift… the gift of salvation. She put her trust in Jesus Christ because she realized that she was a sinner and needed a Saviour. God provided a way for her to be saved. He adopted her and now she belongs to God’s family. Her prayer is that God would make her the godly woman, wife and mother He wants her to be.


Alain & Brigitte first learned about GoodSeed through The Stranger on the Road to Emmaus and The Lamb books. A few years later, the Pilons who are GoodSeed staff, mentioned a need for administrative help and God allowed Brigitte to be free to help them at BonneSemence Canada as an Administrative Assistant.


Alain contributes in various areas, such as IT support, shipping orders and English translation for Brigitte! He also helps out with the French Blog and the French Newsletter that is sent out once a month to the subscribers.


As a couple, they also have opportunities to teach Bible study using By this Name so that the gospel is clearly understood. They are grateful to God for this opportunity to work with and take part in this wonderful ministry for the Lord Jesus Christ.


I am able to assist GoodSeed on a volunteer basis, however, I would appreciate your prayer partnership.

I am able to assist GoodSeed on a volunteer basis, however, I would appreciate your prayer partnership.

Chris & Linda Pogoda

Neither Chris nor Linda grew up in the church, but both knew that they wanted to raise their family in the church.  Linda’s example of godly grandparents had a huge influence in her life, giving her a desire to have the peace and joy that they had. After Chris and Linda were married and were expecting their first child, they made a commitment to attend church and Bible study.  With their young family, they became active in the church and Linda in women’s ministry.


Six years ago, Chris and Linda attended a GoodSeed TERM Seminar. As they read through By This Name, the gospel became so much more clear; so many of their questions about the Old Testament had finally been answered.  It was life changing, equipping them both to share the gospel in a much more powerful way.  After sharing the impact that the seminar had in her life, Linda was asked to prayerfully consider joining GoodSeed. Chris’ job as an airline pilot has allowed her to serve as a volunteer.


Chris and Linda have been blessed with three children:  Zach (born in 1996), Faith (born in 1999) and Liam (born in 2001).


Linda’s role at GoodSeed includes: customer service and shipping, representation work at mission conferences and seminars, and research.


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Gaetan & Ivy Pilon

Gaetan was born into a Catholic family in northern Quebec, Canada. As a Quebecker, he had the unusual privilege of being raised in a Christian home since his parents put their faith in Christ when Gaetan was 3 years old. He personally put his faith in Christ at the age of 10. His walk with the Lord became lukewarm after leaving home at 17, until God reprimanded him with the verse Jeremiah 2:19: "'Your own wickedness will correct you, and your backslidings will rebuke you. Know therefore and see that it is an evil and bitter thing that you have forsaken the LORD your God, and the fear of me is not in you,' says the Lord GOD of hosts." Following this, God led him to do three years of Bible School in Lennoxville, Quebec.


Ivy was born and raised near Brantford, ON. It was at a children's Bible club that Ivy put her faith in Christ at the age of 8. God kept her faithfully throughout her growing up years. At the age of 16, she heard of the dark spiritual condition of the people of Quebec and was persuaded that God would have her serve Him there. In order to learn French, Ivy attended Bible School in Quebec.


It was at Bible School that Gaetan and Ivy met, and they were married in 1974. Throughout their marriage, God has led Gaetan to work at times as a graphic artist and at times as a pastor. God has also allowed Ivy to serve Him in many different capacities, but what thrills her heart the most is sharing the Gospel with those whom God brings along her path. Becoming familiar with "The Stranger on the Road to Emmaus" has enabled her to share the Gospel message easily and clearly. Gaetan and Ivy have been blessed with 4 children, all believers, and 9 grandchildren.


Job Description: Gaetan and Ivy's responsibilities include Translation work, Desktop Publishing, teaching Seminars, and personal evangelism. Recently, they have also taken on the role of Translator Coordinators for the translation of GoodSeed material into languages that use French as their source language.

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Robert & Janette Rudd

Robert grew up in Calgary, Alberta in a Christian home. He trusted Jesus as his Saviour at a young age. He began working for his dad’s company as a teenager and became a master electrician after completing high school. He continued to work for the company until 2012.


Janette grew up in a Christian home in Gruenfeldt, Saskatchewan and also trusted Jesus at a young age. After high school, she moved to Calgary to take Hotel and Restaurant Management at SAIT. While there, Robert and her met while playing intramural volleyball. Eventually Janette also managed to get her accounting diploma.


After getting married in 2003, Robert and Janette started attending Grace Baptist Church in Airdrie, Alberta. It is there that they met a GoodSeed staff member, Paul Humphreys, who introduced them to chronological Bible teaching. The result changed their lives, giving them the desire to share the gospel with others by guiding Bible Studies in their home using the same approach to Bible teaching.


Janette’s accounting skills gave her the opportunity to help in the GoodSeed finance office. Similarly, Rob’s trade skills gave him the ability to help manage the development of new GoodSeed’s new international office in Olds, Alberta that was completed in 2010. The call to serve full time with GoodSeed progressively grew each day. In August 2012, they committed themselves to serving as full-time missionaries with GoodSeed. Three years later, Rob and Janette completed three years at Miller College of the Bible. In May 2015, they moved to Olds to assume full time responsibilities with GoodSeed. At the same time, Rob is continuing his Biblical studies and is expecting to complete his Bachelor’s degree in strategic ministries April 2017. Rob and Janette have four children: Justus (born January 2009), Lincoln (born May 2011), Samara (born May 2013) and Tatiana (born September 2015).


Rob's official role at GoodSeed is that of international event planner. He is responsible for giving oversight and coordinating evangelism seminars and conferences in Canada, USA, and overseas. Rob is also training to be a GoodSeed instructor for the seminars. Rob lends oversight and coordination to the building facilities and maintenance and building projects in the Canadian office in Olds as well. Janette continues to provide and care for their children at home and support Rob in his studies and planning with GoodSeed.


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I am able to assist GoodSeed on a volunteer basis, however, I would appreciate your prayer partnership.


Marj Stobbe

Born in Saskatchewan, I grew up on a farm northwest of Edmonton, Alberta. We were poverty stricken but it was through this that I learned dependence on the Lord for daily provisions.


At the age of five, I attended a Daily Vacation Bible School. It was there that I learned I needed to make a decision regarding my eternal destiny. I knew that I wanted to go to heaven but I didn’t know what I needed to do. As I talked with my mother, she explained God’s plan of salvation and how I could receive Jesus as my Saviour. My decision that day changed my life and I hungered to learn more of what the Bible teaches.


Later, when I was old enough to attend Bible Camp, I looked forward to this time of learning and growing in my spiritual life. As missionaries shared their work in various countries, I was challenged to share my faith with my friends at school. Years later, I learned of the salvation of my best friend after we left school.


After graduating from high school, I attended Bible school in Three Hills, Alberta. My father had committed to providing for the finances I needed but on Labour Day, just before the start of the school year, he died suddenly. My trust was cast upon the Lord to meet my needs and He showed Himself to be faithful.


Later, when I again faced financial need, the Lord orchestrated employment for me with an oil and gas company. My career with them lasted 32 years. My initial duties were focused on oilfield accounting and then later included managing staff. During all these years, I considered that my real task was to share my faith and to share the resources that the Lord had so liberally poured into my life. I have learned first-hand that it is impossible to out give God.


About two years before I retired from my employment, I attended a conference at which I became acquainted with the ministry of GoodSeed. Throughout my adult life, I had a heart for missions and it was my deepest desire to work with such an organization. After retirement, the Lord led me to volunteer with GoodSeed where my position of Bookkeeper in the Canadian office keeps me busy in His service.

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Ken & Rayna Taks

Ken grew up on a farm just outside of Bowden, Alberta. He grew up in a strong Christian home and at a very young age, trusted in Christ as his Saviour. He attended high school at Olds Koinonia Christian School and that’s where he met Rayna.


Rayna grew up on a farm just nine miles from Ken. She was a good farm girl and you could find her often in the cockpit of a big green tractor or on the back of her horse. Rayna was raised in a solid Christian environment and trusted Jesus as her Saviour at a very young age. Ken and Rayna started dating in high school and were married at 19.


Ken’s first taste of ministry came as a 15-year old with a group of boys from the Bowden Evangelical Missionary Church. They went to St. Croix, a small Island in the Caribbean, and worked with local missionaries as both labourers and Vacation Bible School leaders. He always knew that at some point, full-time ministry would be in his future. Since then both he and Rayna have embarked on several short-term missions trips. Ken attended Mount Royal University and finished a diploma in Broadcasting. He then had a stint as an FM radio announcer.


Ken’s first encounter with GoodSeed was in the ninth grade when The Stranger on the Road to Emmaus was used as a textbook in Bible class. Ken is extremely excited to be able to use his passion for audio and video production to help spread the love of Christ with GoodSeed.


Job Description:

Ken works in all areas of video production including planning, filming, editing, voice-overs, and motion graphics.


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Chantel Whiteford

Chantel was raised in a very loving Christian home in Wetaskiwin, AB. She accepted Christ as her personal Saviour at the age of 5. Throughout her childhood and teen years Chantel was involved with her home church where she sat on the youth group board, was involved with worship teams, helped with Pioneer girls, counselled at camp, and went on two separate mission trips to Mexico. After graduating from High School in 1999, she took a year of Selected Studies at Prairie Bible College.


Since her teen years, Chantel has had a passion for missions and travel, so in September 2002 Chantel took a one year travel course at SAIT. For the next few years she worked in the travel industry, but she felt the need to get involved with missions, so from May to July 2005 she took a leave of absence from her job to go to Papua New Guinea and take New Tribes Mission’s INTERFACE program where she was taught through The Stranger on the Road to Emmaus. Going through this book really gave her a better understanding of the Bible and a deeper love for God.


This was truly a life changing experience for Chantel. After returning home, she knew she needed to be involved in missions somehow. After praying about it for several months as to how she could better serve the Lord, she received an email from John Cross asking if she would be interested in joining GoodSeed. So in June 2006, Chantel moved to Olds, AB to join the GoodSeed team..


Job Description:

Some of Chantel’s responsibilities include coordinating travel for the staff, conference representation, seminar registrations, and arranging GoodSeed’s annual Staff Camp. She assists in hospitality, order fulfillment, and some desktop publishing. She is also in charge of organizing corrections for GoodSeed products, answering emails, and many other secretarial tasks.

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Merv & Kathy Jenkins

Mervyn was raised in the West of Scotland in a home where the Bible was read and the gospel was taught. He made a profession of faith in Christ in his late teens and met Kathy at the local Baptist church. Kathy was not from a Christian home but believed in Christ for salvation after the minister’s daughter shared the gospel with her. Kathy and Mervyn married in 1996 and God blessed them with two daughters. After a number of years of gradually becoming cold in their faith, and drifting from their devotion to God and His Word, a sermon challenged them about living the rest of their life following God wholeheartedly.


Over the course of the next few years God continued to challenge Mervyn and Kathy about sharing the gospel with others. Desiring to follow God’s leading in their life they moved to N. Ireland in 2006, and then eventually to attend New Tribes Mission Bible College in England in 2008. It was at NTM that they first heard of the book, ‘The Stranger on the Road to Emmaus.” Returning to N. Ireland in 2010, Mervyn completed three further years of study at the Irish Baptist College.


In 2014 after attending two GoodSeed TERM seminars and running a GoodSeed Worldview Rethink course, Kathy and Mervyn began working with GoodSeed full time, convinced that this was the ministry God had called them to. Working from the new UK and Ireland office based in Portadown, N. Ireland, they are encouraged to see how God is using the ministry of GoodSeed to bring a clear understanding of the Gospel to so many people across the world.

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Paul & Kathleen Humphreys

If heritage has value, then Paul and Kathleen are rich:


Both are second-generation believers in the Lord Jesus Christ—they remember a time before the Bible’s message impacted their homes.


Both are witnesses of the transforming power of God’s grace in their parents' lives—they saw release from the effects of alcoholism and from marriages destined for failure.


Both are beneficiaries of examples set by parents who later lived out their lives for the sake of the gospel—they are MK’s (missionary kids).


Both are extensions of their heritage—they themselves have laboured as missionaries since 1976, serving in Indonesia, Papua New Guinea and in North America.


Now parents of three married children and grandparents of ten grandchildren, Paul and Kathleen became the first full-time workers with GoodSeed International in 1997. They established the GoodSeed office in Canada, working out of their basement and garage in Ontario. In 2002, they moved the Canadian office to its present location in Olds, Alberta, helping to re-establish the ministry in that part of the country.


Paul and Kathleen regularly use tools created by GoodSeed to help communicate the Bible’s message to unsaved friends and neighbours, an approach that has resulted in a historical and contextual understanding of the gospel—the Person and the work of Jesus Christ. In addition, Paul conducts how-to-teach seminars for interested believers. He also represents the ministry of GoodSeed in North America and abroad.


The Humphreys currently reside in Wisconsin, USA, where they have located in order to provide assistance to Kathleen’s parents who live with them.


Job Description:

The Humphreys are GoodSeed representatives wherever their travels take them. Paul conducts how-to-teach seminars, and uses his writing skills to contribute to the development of GoodSeed resources. He also participates in the leadership of GoodSeed, serving on the International, Canadian, UK, European and Australian boards. Kathleen lends secretarial and research support. They regularly teach the gospel to unsaved friends in their sphere of influence, many of whom have become believers in the Lord Jesus Christ.

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Ken & Joyce Randolph

Ken was blessed with a godly mother who dedicated her life to raising six children to serve the Lord. At age ten, he attended a Christian camp and trusted Christ as his Savior. In later years, with a wife and two children, he went through Bible school, beginning the preparation for full-time Christian service.


Joyce was raised in a Christian family and trusted Christ as her personal Savior at age ten also. She studied beside Ken in Bible school and they completed training with New Tribes Mission together.


Ken and Joyce moved to Brazil where they served for 17 years.


Using their experience in cross-cultural ministries and with the chronological teaching of the Bible, God has prepared them for serving with GoodSeed International. They are representatives in New England and Brazil, leading Bible studies and helping to equip pastors and other Christian workers in the areas of evangelism and discipleship.

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Rachel Bader

Rachel grew up surrounded by missionaries at the New Tribes headquarters in Florida. Her parents, having faithfully served in missions for over 45 years, are now retired but continue to serve in their church and in teaching through "The Stranger".


Although saved at a young age Rachel decided that serving the Lord was not for her. She soon realized after graduating from high school that living for oneself was not the "easy road" she had expected. After spending two years in Bible School, Rachel was finally willing to not only live for the Lord but to serve in missions as well.


During an internship in Papua New Guinea she went through "The Stranger". The Bible stories she'd heard many times finally fell into place and for the first time the gospel message made incredible sense. After spending two more years in missions training Rachel found herself helping "short time" with GoodSeed. Seeing the impact that "The Stranger" has had on many lives, she decided to continue working with this ministry. She has worked with GoodSeed since 2001.


Job Description: Rachel is involved in Desktop Publishing. She works on the formatting and design of books, translations, catalogs, and other printed materials.

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Simon & Lavonne Challinor

Simon and Lavonne Challinor are both MKs (Missionary Kids.) While Simon spent four years in PNG with his parents, Lavonne spent the majority of her childhood in Panama where her parents served in a variety of support roles. Both Simon and Lavonne felt challenged into full time missions as teenagers when they saw first hand the need for more laborers to take the gospel to those who have never had an opportunity to hear the message of the Bible. From England where Simon was born and Panama where Lavonne grew up, they met at Bible School in Waukesha, Wisconsin. After being married in 1991, they continued training with New Tribes Mission. God lead them to Panama where they served for 17 years.


Most of Challinor’s years in Panama were spent serving the Lord among the Naso people. After learning the Naso language and culture, they were involved in teaching the message of the Bible chronologically to those who were interested in hearing. As different Naso people came to understand and believe the Gospel, trusting in Christ for their salvation, Simon & Lavonne continued to disciple them and teach them Biblical truths. Even though God has moved the Challinors into another ministry with GoodSeed, their desire to see more Naso come to know and love the Lord remains the same.


God has blessed Simon and Lavone with four sons: Michael, Daniel, Robbie, and Andrew. They have been a joy and blessing to Simon and Lavonne as they home schooled them in the Naso village where they lived. They grew up enjoying playing soccer with their Naso friends and swimming in the Teribe River. Their sons opened doors for friendships that would have otherwise been difficult.


Simon's primary job is to handle the administrative work for the ministry, including bookkeeping, inventory, answering phones and general correspondence. Simon & Lavonne also assist Goodseed in coordinating the translation of materials into Spanish and networking with other ministries to let them know of these materials.


As time allows, Simon & Lavonne will also be assisting with seminars teaching believers to share their faith using the chronological teaching. One common forum for this teaching is the TERM (The Emmaus Road Message) Seminar. A TERM Seminar functions on the principle that "as you are taught, so you will teach." Taught by those who are "actually doing it", a TERM seminar models the most effective approach to communicating the content found in all of GoodSeed’s tools.

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Scott & Joy Humphreys

I, Scott, am a third generation Missionary Kid (MK), born in Indonesia, to parents Paul and Kathleen Humphreys. My younger years were spent in Ontario, Canada, then in Papua New Guinea (PNG) for junior and senior high school.


Joy was born to Marv and Christine Crockett, who served in PNG with NTM for 30 years. Every four or five years, her family returned to the USA for home assignment in Ohio and Texas.


Our grade school friendship turned to love in 11th grade. We were married in 1995 and now have three energetic young men, Chad (‘01), Titus (‘04), Andy (‘06).


Growing up overseas gave Joy and me a deep appreciation for the power of the gospel and how God transforms lives. From a young age, our parents taught us the Scriptures, guided us to trust in Jesus for all things, and showed us how to share the good news. We are most grateful for our parents’ lifelong walk with the Lord and service to Him.


We served overseas, in PNG, with Friends in Action International for 5½ years, providing logistical assistance to missionaries in remote villages, as well as providing vocational training and discipleship to local people.


Since 2007 we have worked with GoodSeed. I write for web and print, teach evangelism training seminars, and help with global planning and project management. Joy supports our family by keeping life on the home-front running smoothly and by communicating with our supporters. Ours is a ministry done together.


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Steve and Lisa Jensen

Steve grew up in a family that regularly attended church. During his mid-teens, he accepted the Lord’s offer of salvation for those who put their trust in him. He moved to Minneapolis after graduating from college, where he worked as an accountant for several companies. During this time he was involved in a ministry bringing the gospel to inner-city children. He was also treasurer of the US branch of the Red Sea Mission Team, a ministry to Muslims. Steve then moved to Portland, Oregon to attend Multnomah Bible College as preparation for going into Pakistan. There he and Lisa met and were married. They ended up staying in the US and never did go to the mission field.


Lisa’s family life was chaotic. From childhood she sought refuge staring up at the star field. She saw such order there that she knew there was a God. She spoke to God as her refuge and believed he controlled all. She pleaded for a Bible in sixth grade and read through it eagerly. From it, Lisa came up with a list of 10 questions that were not answered by her family’s faith. She saw such a God of order that she knew there had to be one way to Him. In her teens, Lisa took her list to many pastors in town, but none were able to answer them all.


God always has a personal way to draw one to him. In her freshman year of high school, Lisa’s chemistry lab instructor played Stuart Briscoe’s series on Romans so loud the students couldn’t hear their lab partners. When Lisa heard Romans 5:1-5, her heart leapt and she had hope that her family tribulation could lead to joy in him. She took her Bible and her list to the lab instructor and he used his Bible to answer every question. God gave her such peace. He explained about asking Jesus into her heart and at 19, she did. She gained joy, peace and a loving family of Christ’s people that amazed her and reflected her great God. Lisa attended Elmbrook Church where Stuart Briscoe preached and taught through the Bible. There she grew in her faith and walk with God. In college, she was with the Navigators, which further deepened her faith and longing to know Jesus more and serve Him.


Lisa also went to Multnomah Bible College to take a graduate course in Bible and Theology. She believed the Lord was leading her to serve him in Bolivia but he changed this path. Instead, she was blessed to work at the college as Assistant Registrar and part-time faculty.


Steve and Lisa moved back to Wisconsin in 2000. There, Lisa led a women’s study using The Stranger on the Road to Emmaus. She saw the Lord change lives as women understood the creation to the cross message of the Bible. Many made decisions to ask Jesus to be their Savior and Lord. Lisa began to pray for the ministry of John Cross. She is passionate about small group ministry, having facilitated groups at every age but high school.


After moving back to Wisconsin, Steve became involved in a ministry where he went into a state prison and co-led a Bible study and was a member of a musical group that went into prisons to conduct Sunday services.


In 2012, Steve and Lisa learned about GoodSeed through their Associate Pastor when they started attending a new church. Since then, they have been very excited about the ministry of GoodSeed and have become active members of the team. In 2014, Steve was asked to be a consultant in accounting for GoodSeed and in 2015 he became the international accountant for the ministry. In 2015, Steve resigned from his job in the business world so they could spend more time in service to Jesus.


Lisa assists the ministry in interviewing and story writing. They are open to anything GoodSeed needs them to do.


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John Krajec

Growing up in a small Bible church in Connecticut, John learned about the Bible when he was young. But it wasn't until he was about fourteen that he realized the Bible's message applied to him personally. Knowing the stories, he now understood at least some of the significance of those stories and trusted the Bible's message.


After finishing high school, John took a couple short-term mission trips. One was to Papua New Guinea (PNG); the other to Liberia, Africa. These trips opened his eyes to the needs overseas -- especially where people had no access to God's Word due to language barriers. Bible School was the next step followed by a one-year internship in PNG. Here, he was involved with the Media program of New Tribes Mission, the organization he worked with for the next four years.


When GoodSeed was begun, John asked to be a part. From its conception, his experience with GoodSeed has been exciting and profitable, as well as challenging. The first time he read through "The Stranger on the Road to Emmaus" was a milestone in his life. He knew the stories of the Bible, but didn't understand their significance. But now the Bible was so logical - it made sense. He could see the different pieces being put together in a very understandable way.


Since then, John has been working in GoodSeed. He has been building tools to help to equip others share this message the same way that made so much sense to him.


Job Description: Because of the small number of staff in our GoodSeed USA office at the present time, John's responsibilities are many and varied. They include working as print manager for all our print jobs, IT manager for the office, videographer, video and audio editor, as well as being involved in desktop publishing. He also serves as the warehouse manager, works in the shipping department, takes and processes orders, purchases supplies and even makes deliveries.


Personal website:

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Tom & Lorie Leger

Tom Leger was a tribal missionary in Papua New Guinea for many years and now serves with GoodSeed International. He and his family enjoy challenging believers to engage in practical evangelism. Their family has initiated many opportunities to share the Gospel with youth, teens and neighbors.


Job description: Tom Leger works with GoodSeed in the area of Public Relations. In this position, he seeks to communicate the intent, message, and general usage of our materials to those who desire to learn more about GoodSeed and its products. This encompasses meeting with people via phone, email, and in person.


Making new contacts is also a part of his job. This is done through setting up conference displays and teaching seminars, contacting potential ministries in strategic locations, and conducting appropriate follow up.

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Lloyd & Faith Roedel

Lloyd and Faith joined the GoodSeed family in early 2001. They moved to Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, after Lloyd’s retirement from a 30+ year career in electrical engineering, choosing to use their retirement years in a significant effort to help spread the Gospel to those who haven’t heard the message of hope. They look back on their move north as the best move they have ever made.


Both Faith and Lloyd were raised in Christian homes (Faith is a "preacher's kid"). During a time of working overseas, they were privileged to get to know a number of missionary families and, through their associations, were challenged to heed the call of God on their lives. Finally, in their retirement years, they’re able to respond to the call to service that they’ve felt for years.


Faith and Lloyd have two grown children and five grandchildren.


Job Description:

Faith is one of two bookkeepers for GoodSeed USA. She assists with processing donations, payroll, accounts receivable and payable.


Lloyd is in charge of all of our packing and shipping; he receives orders from the websites or from locally originated requests, pulls stock to fill the order requests, packages the orders and ships via air, ground or Post Office to meet the customer needs. He takes pride in having each order packaged to arrive safely and on-time.

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Dean & Bonnie Piovesan

Dean and Bonnie grew up worlds apart. Dean grew up as a missionary kid. The Piovesan family spent two generations in Papua New Guinea, most of which was devoted to deciphering and translating a formerly unwritten language.  Dean would often help his father with first contact work among the mountain tribes, looking for people groups that had never made contact with the outside world. During his time overseas, Dean would often see the deep fear people lived under—both native and westerners alike. Often this fear would lead to very destructive practices and beliefs.


At the same time, Bonnie was raised in the United States in a very different situation. Bonnie’s family believed Jesus was God, but had no understanding of the Bible; there was a mixture of superstition, worldly philosophies, and fear. Bonnie’s mother would become the first Christian in her family, and soon after Bonnie became a believer at the age of 14. Bonnie and her mother would help pioneer the way for their family as one by one, family members turned from fear to faith.


In 1994 these two worlds collided and Dean and Bonnie were married. Over the past 20 years Dean and Bonnie have been ministering and working with people and churches in Minnesota and Ohio. They have spent time working with youth and adults, most of which has been helping people gain a good understanding of the Bible and confront destructive practices in their lives. They were both thrilled to discover GoodSeed materials and the approach to chronological teaching so people can understand the Bible for themselves. They have seen people come to faith in Christ through the materials and desire to be a part of the team that is equipping believers here and around the world with these resources.


Dean and Bonnie have two wonderful children, Naomi and Noah.  Naomi born in 1995, and Noah born in 1999.


Bonnie is working full-time in the GoodSeed office, using her gifts in administration and management. Her experience in the corporate world has proved to be excellent training for the work she does now. Dean enjoys teaching and counseling with a desire to point people to Christ. At present he is working as a Christian counselor, but helping out with the GoodSeed ministry as he is able.


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Russ & Karyn Smyth

Russ was born and raised in a Christian family. He trusted the Lord as his personal Saviour at the age of four. After High School, he went through the New Tribes Mission’s Bible School and Missions Training. He then worked in ministry expense accounting for two years, followed by twelve years in NTM’s short-term missions department. While he was growing up in Borneo, Indonesia, an old man who received the gospel asked this question: “If this is true, why has no one come to tell us before now? What about my parents and others who died without hearing this news?” This continues to stir Russ’s heart to see that every person has a chance to hear the gospel before it is too late.


Karyn was born in 1964 to missionary parents. Karyn also trusted the Lord as her Saviour at an early age. After high school she worked as an office assistant at a local hardware store before going on to Bible School and Missions Training with NTM. Karyn left the Missions Training program early to work as Russ’ secretary in ministry expense accounting in 1986. They were married on July 12 that same year. Russ and Karyn have three children: Kristy, born in 1989, Melissa and Ryan born in March of 1990.


Russ & Karyn believe that God has prepared them both for ministry with GoodSeed. They have been involved in teaching and drama ministries in their local church, leading worship, and evangelistic Bible studies. Their experience in teaching the Bible chronologically and their heart-beat for missions make them uniquely qualified to manage the GoodSeed office.


Job Description: Russ works with GoodSeed USA as the Office Administrator and Translation Coordinator. He also serves as the Secretary on the International Board, answering emails and phone calls, establishing project priorities, and in the development of partners for funding the ministry.


In addition to his responsibilities in administration, Russ teaches seminars to help churches and individuals be more effective in their evangelism.

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Doug & Kellee Tomlinson

Doug was impacted for global missions when he was 14 and saw the video Ee-Taow, chronicling the story of the Mouk people on their journey to accepting the gospel of Jesus Christ. Committing his life to spreading the good news around the world, he pursued missions training, ultimately graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in Intercultural Ministries and Biblical Studies.

Kellee grew up in church. Her dad became a pastor when she was young and she had the distinct pleasure of seeing her parents step out in faith and follow God’s plan. While in college, she met Doug. Before long, they were discussing marriage and future plans for ministry in Thailand.


After they married in 2004, Kellee finished her schooling at Oklahoma University, received her degree in Early Childhood Education, taught for a year, then went through Bible and missions training as Doug served on staff. In November, 2010, they headed to Thailand with their 18-month-old son Kees in tow.


After nearly three years in Thailand—now a family of four with Kora, Doug and Kellee began to sense that the Lord was leading them away from Thailand and into an equipping ministry. One of the highlights of their time in Thailand was how they saw God use the book “By This Name.” Doug was able to lead a study using this book with their Thai church. Everyone involved was impacted with the study and immediately asked for more books to share with their family and friends.


Shortly after returning from Thailand, they attended GoodSeed International's annual Bible conference, where they heard testimonies of how the Lord was using the chronological teaching materials to impact people groups all around the world. Subsequently, they joined GoodSeed’s US office in Idaho. Among other things, Doug assists, by God’s grace, in developing translation tools, research, data management, and accounts management. He and his wife also have opportunities to lead Bible studies using the Worldview Rethink Course in their community. Kellee writes for the GoodSeed blog when time allows as she homeschools Kees and Kora.

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Alan & Sandy White

Alan & Sandy were both raised in Christian families and came to know the Lord as children. They remember realizing at a young age that they needed to personally trust in Jesus’ death and resurrection on their behalf and not to trust in their own efforts to be good.


Alan & Sandy met at Christian Heritage College (now San Diego Christian College) where they received their Bible training. Alan graduated with a degree in Intercultural Studies. Sandy earned her degree in Home Economics with a minor in Biblical Counseling. Alan also holds a Master of Religious Studies from Southern California Seminary, and a basic certificate in Applied Linguistics (ESL) from San Diego State University. Alan & Sandy have three wonderful children and four amazing grandchildren.


Alan & Sandy began their overseas ministry in 1986 when they flew to the country of Turkey on Thanksgiving Day. They lived and served there until 2010. They were involved in evangelistic, chronological Bible teaching, discipleship, and translation of biblical creationism books into Turkish. In 2012, they and their GoodSeed co-workers taught two TERM seminars there, which resulted in local Christians starting more evangelistic, chronological Bible studies with unbelievers. In 2014, they moved to Coeur d'Alene, Idaho where they continue serving in the translation department.


Job Description:

Alan & Sandy especially focus on Turkish and other languages in the Middle East. Their two main jobs are helping to create these worldview-sensitive biblical tools and helping to train people how to use them. The Whites' greatest joy is to see those who are burdened with the demands of religion and the guilt of sin find rest and salvation in the gospel of grace through faith in the Lord Jesus Christ (Mt. 11:28-30; Jn. 8:36; Jn. 14:6; Eph. 2:8,9; Rom. 10:1-17).


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Jon & Esther Coe

Jon and Esther both come from Christian families, Jon from the US and Esther from the UK. They met in 2008, while Jon was studying Cross-cultural Communications in Canada, and Esther was working with the same organization in the United Kingdom. In 2009 they were married, and spent the first two years of their marriage in the UK working, studying and using GoodSeed materials for Bible studies and evangelism in their community. It was during that time that they found out GoodSeed had needs in their Translation Department, and inquired as to how they could help. In 2011, they joined GoodSeed International’s Translation Department. They presently serve as the European Translation Coordinators, and are also overseeing translations into a few non-European Languages as well.


Job Description:

*Strategizing key European languages to pursue translations into

*Train translation teams in GoodSeed’s translation process.

*Oversee the translation of GoodSeed materials into languages of Europe.

*Partner with local believers and ex-pats to develop distribution strategies for each translation.


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Johannes & Agata Maryniok

Johannes was born in Germany. His family occasionally attended an evangelical state church. While he was studying law, his father got cancer and other troubles crossed his way. He began to search for the purpose of life. He knew a lot of biblical stories and thought he was a believer, but he did not have a relationship with Jesus. When he read The Stranger on the Road to Emmaus, he understood the gospel clearly for the first time. He recognized his sinfulness and decided to trust Jesus as his Savior. From then on he had the desire to tell other people the gospel. He realized the need for clear teaching of the gospel in Germany and in all of Europe.


Agata grew up in a Catholic family in Poland. As a nine-year-old girl, she moved to Germany. Everything she knew about God was only religion and tradition. One day a friend from school gave her a copy of The Stranger as a gift, but she was not interested and put it on her bookshelf. Years later during her law studies, she assisted two “healers” and after this experience she started to search for the truth. She remembered the book The Stranger and began to read it. Not only did she find all of the answers that she was searching for, but became a believer as well. From this moment, the gospel filled her with joy but also with sadness for all of the people who are lost. So, she started to pray that God would use her to tell other people the gospel.


Johannes and Agata got to know each other during their law studies. They became believers at the same time and their friendship turned into a romance. They married and had two sons: Julian (2010) and Liron (2012). They started to pray that God would use them to share the gospel with other people. God gave them opportunities to lead other people to the Lord. In 2011 they started to lead Bible studies with another couple using The Stranger. God used the Bible studies and people became believers.

After visiting the GoodSeed offices in Canada and the USA and meeting the GoodSeed staff, Agata and Johannes decided to join GoodSeed in February 2014. They are excited to be a part of opening an office in Germany.

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Abi & Helene Penner

Abram and Helene Penner were both born and raised in the former Soviet Union. Their parents were strong believers who still walk closely with the Lord. In the early 1980s, their families moved to Germany. As young children, both Abram and Helene trusted in Jesus as their Saviour and learned from an early age to serve God within the local church, which they both attended together. As they grew older, they became involved in different outreaches into their community.


High school sweethearts, the Penners were married at age 21 and in the space of five years, the Lord blessed them with four lovely daughters: Jacqueline (born in 1993), twins Laura and Leonie (1996) and Kathleen (1997). They are thankful that their girls have all trusted Christ as their Saviour and walk with him.


As newlyweds, Abram and and Helene realized a burden the Lord had placed on their hearts to reach out to those who didn't yet know Jesus. They pursued training with New Tribes Mission and worked with the organization for 24 years, serving in Russia and Germany. As missionaries with NTM, the Penners wore many "hats", gradually taking on greater leadership roles within the mission. They were thankful for the opportunities they had to travel to Africa, Asia, South America and Russia visiting European missionaries in those locations and leading short-term trips with young people.


However, the Penners began to yearn for more time and opportunity to reach out to those living around them in Germany who didn't know Christ. They realized, that while they gladly supported others in their roles to reach people with the gospel, their own ministry did not easily lend itself to reaching people with the good news.


This realization led them to begin Bible studies using GoodSeed materials with local acquaintances whenever they had the opportunity outside their responsibilities with NTM. Again and again, they saw people come to an understanding of the gospel and faith in Christ. Soon, they were leading up to six different studies a week, with various churches requesting training on how they too could reach their own communities in a similar way. Abram and Helene began to see the Lord taking them in a new direction.


In 2013, the Penners officially joined GoodSeed and helped establish the European office in Germany. The Penners consider Europe a "dark continent," with believers representing as little as 0.5% of the population in many countries. Their vision is to see churches across Europe teaching the gospel in their communities in a way that is both clear and transferable. Beside ongoing weekly Bible studies, the Penners train believers to reach out in their own communities, develop partnerships across continent, and help maintain the office in Detmold, Germany.


The Penners would appreciate your prayer and support as they energetically seek to build the church in Europe and among the large immigrant population.



David & Miriam Schartz

David was raised in a Jehovah Witness family in Luxembourg and learned many of the Bible stories from his father, a teaching elder in the organization. When he was in his early teens, his parents left the JW's and David was launched into years of rebellion as he had to find new friends in the world outside of the group. As a result of hearing the gospel when he was 19 and spending time searching the Bible for himself, he came to believe that Christ died for his sins and gave him forgiveness and Christ's righteousness. As a Luxembourg national, he realized that the Luxembourgers need to hear the gospel in their own language, so that God is no longer a God of the foreigners, but their God too.


Born in Luxembourg to Welsh parents, Miriam was raised by a Christian mother and understood the gospel for herself when she was about 6. When she was 10, her father, after having left them when she was quite young, committed suicide and this sparked about 7 years of rebellion, during which time she was angry at God and her family. God is faithful and patient, though, and once she had acknowledged that she could not run her own life, He brought her back into restored fellowship with Himself when she was 17. Over the next few years, God gradually impressed upon her the need to reach out to the Luxembourgish people in their own language, as so little of this is being done. He has also shown them that they need to provide the Luxembourgish community with evangelistic tools and a Bible in their own language.


Both David and Miriam speak Luxembourgish, English, French, and German.


Job Description: Establish a GoodSeed distribution office in Europe, Translation Consultants for European languages


Andrew & Nelli Wilson

Both Andrew (from Northern Ireland) and Nelli (from Germany) heard and believed the gospel at an early age and then were challenged to full-time ministry overseas. It was while they were training in England for overseas ministry to tribal people that the Lord brought them together, and they were married in 2001. The Lord has since blessed them with two children, Debi born in 2003 and Joshua born in 2006.


In 2004, having completed three years of missions training with New Tribes Mission in the UK, the Wilsons moved to Papua New Guinea to be tribal church planters. After initially learning the national trade Language, they and another family moved into a tribal location with the North Wahgi people group with the desire to teach them the message of God’s plan of salvation in their own language.


In Papua New Guinea, the Wilsons were involved in the development of an alphabet for the North Wahgi, teaching literacy, translation of the Scriptures and Bible lessons, and the teaching of those Bible lessons. As a result, they now praise the Lord that His Word pierced the hearts and minds of a handful of the North Wahgi people, and, having believed in Christ’s finished work, they are saved today!


In 2012 the Wilsons returned to Northern Ireland for what was intended to be a medical furlough. However, God had other plans for them and, they were not to return to PNG. Taking the mindset that evangelism and discipleship are a lifelong lifestyle, the Wilsons were actively involved in their community in Northern Ireland, just as they had been with the North Wahgi people of PNG.


They enjoyed using the book The Stranger on the Road to Emmaus as a discipleship/teaching tool with individuals and in small groups. In early 2016 they connected more with GoodSeed staff in Northern Ireland, and soon began to enquire as to whether they could be part of the work of GoodSeed International. In the summer of 2016 they were invited to join the GoodSeed Europe office, headquartered in Germany.


Ray & Else Cousins

Ray was born in Orange NSW, Australia, in a church-going family. It wasn't until he was 28, after moving to Sydney for business reasons, that he heard a clear gospel message and accepted Christ as his personal Saviour. Wanting to learn more about the Lord, he got involved in Bible studies and began to look for other opportunities in which to get involved.


 Else, who was born in Holland, came to Australia as a child and was raised in a nominal Catholic family. She always enjoyed going to church, but was not aware that a personal decision was involved in being a Christian until after meeting Ray, who shared Christ with her. After Else became a believer, they began to seek God’s direction for them as a couple.


Married in 1972, Ray and Else entered New Tribes Mission Bible College in 1976 with the intention of opening a Christian bookshop, yet conscious of the need to help others. While there, they were challenged to go to Papua New Guinea (PNG) as missionaries themselves. By this time they had three young children.


During the following 20 years with NTM, Ray and Else worked in various support ministries in PNG as dorm parents, government reps and as supply buyers. During their third furlough, they were asked to remain in Australia to oversee Summit—NTM’s short-term missions programme. Else later worked in the finance department. They resigned from the Mission for health reasons in 2001.


Moving to the Central Coast and getting involved in their local church was a time of getting back on track health wise. Then, after five years, they began looking for a new ministry.  Learning that "The Stranger" book had been released on DVD, they contacted GoodSeed’s International office to get a copy and expressed their interest in working with GoodSeed.


They see great potential for GoodSeed’s ministry in Australia and a great need to get the material out to churches and folk who are seeking the truth of the Word of God.


Else enjoys being Grandma to her nine grandchildren, being available to help with babysitting when needed and spends as much time as possible in the ministry.


Someone asked Ray, "Why do you want to get back into ministry again; why not leave it to someone younger?” His response was, "Yes, there are a lot of younger people but they are not taking up the challenge, so we will do it while God enables us."


Ray and Else are now retired and are involved full time with GoodSeed. They are trusting the Lord for additional partners to join them in their ministry.



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